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What are they ? are there any major ones like different pickups and woods being used ? is it like the same kind of differences between an epi les paul and a gibson les paul ? or is it just the difference of being made in Mexico and the U.S ?
it definitely wont be as drastic as Epi/Gibson. But i imagine there are some differences.
Higher quality paint on the MIAs, different pickups, better quality control, better quality wood, better electronics. That being said, you can find a great MIM instrument, you may just have to play a few.
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it will not be drastic some people say, but when i went to chose to buy a new guiatar i chose a mexi strat, but than played an american and i couldent go back to the mim one.i bought the mia
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Well, it's not all about where it's made. I played a Classic Players' 50s Strat (MIM) and it is probably the best guitar I've ever played, much better than a Fender MIA Standard Tele I tried for twice the price at the same place.
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