So lets say someone has come across a couple ukuleles at absolute random. Would it be possible for this person to put a strat pickup over the sound hole and change the strings to electric strings and tune it like the upper four strings of a guitar? And say, would this hypothetical Ukulele/Electric guitar hybrid sound any good soloing.
kind of a hard asss question...it doesnt seem like anyone would ever do that?
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the tension of the strings may snap the neck or bridge. and the neck is probably too small to do anything worthwhile on. but its a good idea, try it
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soloing with frets that small would be very hard
except if you're jake shimabukuro
but they make electric ukelele s I've heard might as well check out these
Very dangerous. As a ukulele player, let me just say that you are playing with fire. What size are the ukuleles in question, first of all? Secondly, you shouldn't do this. If you want an electric ukulele, consider rigging the saddle with a pickup. What you are talking about is a whole different ballgame. It would be like stringing a classical guitar with electric strings (and I'm sure some here know just how well that works). If you want a truly electric ukulele, I suppose you could build one out of solid wood, but you would have to make your own pickup for it, because the polepieces would not match in the least.

Don't ruin a ukulele like this.

EDIT:// Also, an ukulele (a soprano one, at least) is tuned to GCEA. Tuning it otherwise would throw your intonation off horribly. A baritone ukulele is tuned to DGBE---the last four strings of a guitar. Still, do not string a baritone uke with steel strings, because it could rip the bridge clean off it.
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