Hi, guess the title says it all really...

i'm really looking to start or join a band, i'm 21 and looking to explore music with the right band, really want to create something unique and original, not really interested in a cover band but happy to jam with anyone and see how it goes..

been playing drums for around 6 months (with lessons) but have played bass for a few years on and off so i have some experience on my side, although no gigs to date, which is something i want to change asap.

currently i'm using an electric mid range roland kit for practical reasons though once i find some cash will also be getting a decent acoustic kit..

My inspirations are pretty far fetched, i like a lot of music, grew up listening to metallica, but also a huge fan of sabbath, rage against the machine, but i love pretty much anything and like trying to incorporate new things into anything i write..

I also play bass and wouldn't mind playing bass with someone though I feel more comfortable behind a drum kit..

my times are a bit ****ty, i'm a postman which means i get up for work at 3:30am every morning but i can work to any schedule with advance warning, really looking to jam once or twice a week, though contact me whatever and we'll sort something out..

so yeah thats about it, your better to catch me on email than a pm, so my email is somebloke3@btinternet.com which is also my msn addy, if anyone wants to chat some more.
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