Well, usually I'm a real bluesy cat. But lately I've discovered something I won't soon forget - FUNK.

Before I discovered this masterpiece of a genre, I was pretty bent on either getting a Hot Rod Deluxe or saving up for a Blues Deluxe. But now I am wondering - should I start looking at other options?

Because to me it seems like although the two genres are related, Funk is very focused on treble, while blues is more bass.

So this makes me wonder if my amp decisions are worth revising?
Stay with it. I play with a big blues and funk influence and the hot rod works awesome for me, especially with a strat.
its probably best to try and find an amp thats versatile enough to cater for all the genres you're interested in. you never know what you might end up playing, or if you end up in a band of a certain genre.

you could also consider buying some pedals, etc.
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You can always grab a switchable EQ pedal and set it for major treble boosting for when you switch to funky stuff.