First off, I have a cube30 amp and a Ibanez RG2EX1 and I'm trying to get the best tone out of my guitar for metal, rock, and pretty much anything else. I'm using the stock pickups on my ibanez, and I have a digital delay pedal and a Wah pedal. Would it be worth it to get a multi effect pedal like a rp150 or rp200 and keep it on the clean channel, or should I just buy a distortion pedal. I'm looking for a different sound then the one produced currently, should I go for a new amp, or new pickups? The main metal band that inspires me is Killswitch Engage. There isn't really a way to try to match there mesa boogies but oh well. How can I get the closest to that tone?
KE plays Mesa? Hm, did not know that. I would say no to the multi effects purchase, not worth it. Go for a new amp. I'm not that knowledgable about modern metal sounds but I used to listen to KE so look around this forum, everyday there's about 300 kids that ask the same thing so just to save you some trouble, go by the advice in the other threads.
Yeah, I saw them live and they were using them....They try to hide it, though. Don't really have the money for a new amp right now, nor do I need one. I just need advice on a pedal and maybe some new pickups I guess.

Sorry didnt see the second post.....I'll try messing with the mids and bass and stuff to get the right sound, and I'll search around for the right pedal. Hopefully it will be a step up from the distortion in my amp.
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Almost all metalcore/any metal bands that are playing these days, have their sounds kind of like an hourglass on it's side. High-ish bass, HARDLY ANY mids, and cranked out high. Now, about the pedal, I think you should just go for a distortion pedal, because it works like this:

Multi effect pedals: Quantity, but not quality.
Single effect: Only one effect... but it sure does it damn well.

If you're looking for new pickups, I say wait a little bit unless you feel you REALLY want to get some new ones.

edit: to help you a little more, try these settings on your amp for KsE: 8 Low, 1.5 Mid, 9 high, gain about 5-7, and you're set.

Killswitch Engage actually have their mids set about 7 or 8. Their amps just have a lot of low mid emphasis which deceives you into thinking the tone is scooped or darker.
Yeah, I guess Killswitch is my main sound for right now. Maybe a different neck pickup for other stuff?
Hmmm, well pickups run Around $75 dollars each, right? I've been looking at GFS pickups which are half the price, but if you don't really know about those then stick to the $75 each price range. +/- a little.
instead f a dimebucker, id go for a bill lawrence pickup. he made the pickups that the dimebucker is based on. and i believe they are cheaper than the dimebucker
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When you crank up the gain to 10 and switch to the lead channel, it actually sounds like you are unjustifiably bombing an innocent foreign land.

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