I've been looking all over the place for classical Spanish songs. I'm getting old of the ones I'm playing right now. If anyone knows of any songs in this genre it would be greatly appreciated if you could list them for me.
I don't know which ones you've been playing, but Malaguena is the only one ive ever tried to play. You probably know it, but just in case you didn't.
asilos magdelena- the mars volta.

it sounds really good, but not super
difficult. just a lot of awkward chord
Well there's
Salerosa Malaguena
Spanish Romance

I really like this style of music too. What songs have you been playing, that might help to come up with new ones for you.
I'm looking for songs that resemble "Maria Maria" by Carlos Santana and Malaguena. finger picking songs with simple chords are getting old and boring, so im trying to find songs that are more like "solos" I guess instead of one chord after the other.

thanks for the inputs, by the way
no prob If you come across any other cool spanish songs let me know, i'm always looking for new ones too.
CHINGON, it's a band started by Robert Rodriguez, the director.
They do a really cool cover of malaguena salerosa http://youtube.com/watch?v=6I3tH6tUr8s
and a bunch of original songs.
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Asturias:Isacc Albeinez (alot of Albeinez's stuff would be suited, although very difficult...)
Rodrigo Concerto Ajuenez is another great one.....
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