now i know its just a buisness
in the game to make money
excuse my abruptness
im serious i aint trying to be funny

it use to be make a song
get a hit get a record deal
now today thats long gone
sign a contract you're surreal

bigger than the late JC
dont forget money turns
the world round gee
1 mill, 2 mill, it burns

now the industry is ****ed
let me tell you
talents dead money is banked
let me say one thing

now today its sell out or die
sell out, betray, market market
music today is just a supply
throw me away strait jacket

spit out albums faster than a machine
one, two, three, four a year
im not one to look in between
but these lines seamless disappear

sell out or die....
nice, you made a great point. It had decent flow and sounds really great.
"That's right kids, I said penis"
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