I've recently discovered the company and I'm looking into they're products and researching now.

Anyone got anything to say about them? their products and anything else? What are there general tones the amps give? The prices seem fair for what you're getting and from what I've read so far the service seems absolutely top notch.

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matamp makes some great stuff. i really like their low wattage heads but they are kinda expensive in the US. Lots of good reviews and comments about matamp at the harmony central forums so check those out.
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i've only tried one of their models, i believe it was one made specially for a music store local to the company (so not a stock model). was very nice.

other than that, can't really help much.
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matamps are great. they are made by the guy who originally made orange amps back in the day. they are good for almost any type of music, but they are especially sought after for doom or stoner rock.
Wow I never would've thought as them being doom metal amps..

I always figured they'd be classic style amps. Like vintage voiced like Orange and Vox..

I know you can get custom amps from them in a lot of fancy colours but apart from that I don't know much. There's a Matamp G100 on eBay ATM going for like $2500 so I guess they're pretty high quality boutique stuff.