I just bought a firepod and i'm trying to get it to work...but i can't seem to get Cubase or any software for that matter to pick up sound from the microphone. i have everything plugged in and i followed the directions but its not picking up any sound in cubase. anyone else have this problem?
Yoyo congrats on the firepod! It actually tells you how to do this in the manual, but you need to open Cubase, go to Devices, and I think Device Setup. From there go to VST instruments and you can choose an ASIO driver. The Firepod is 'Presonus ASIO Driver' or something.

Good luck!
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to add on to this problem...
my firepod has worked in the past. last night I restarted my computer and then setup the firepod. The setting is under Presonus ASIO driver but I could not get any recording or playback. I tried the different drivers and one would give me playback and the other would give me recording abilities but never both.

I noticed that my computer audio (SigmaTel) was activated under the sounds and audio devices in the control panel section. From what I remember, that should be changed I think.

My mind just went blank on this issue and I couldn't figure out.

Thanks in advance.
Hmm... Not good.
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haha it is all good now. i tried it on my other computer and it worked perfectly. the laptop i had was windows media edition, and supposedly that is incompatible. however, i even downgraded to home edition and it still woudln't work. oh well, at least i have more than one computer.