Well I am looking to clean up my guitar completely and I came across Gerlitz guitar products. I am looking at buying the cleaning kit from them.

I have heard good things about their guitar honey so I am gonna pick up a bottle of it. I already have Kyser Lemon Oil but I don't really like it too much. It cleans my fretboard and all but I just don't fancy it too much. Didn't bring back too much luster my fretboard anyway. Plus I haven't heard the best things about lemon oil usage in the long run.

As for cleaning the body I have some questions on the micro fiber polishing cloths. I heard they could cause scratching but I guess that depends on the quality of the cloth being used. Also are these cloths supposed to be used in conjunction with a polish or dry?

As for the carnuaba wax... Well I am not too keen on this yet. I think its supposed to help protect from future scratches. But is the wax layer permanent? I am not to big on trying this out, but if carnuaba wax will help make a difference in the guitars luster and help protect from scratches then fine as long as it isn't permanent. Do I apply this all over the guitar or just the front of the body (ie places easily scratched)? Also should I polish the guitar with Smudge Off before or after I use the carnuaba wax?

All in all would the complete kit (minus the suede cloth) be a good buy from Gerlitz? The thing that is holding me back right now is the wax really. I just don't know if I even want to bother with something like that if its not gonna be that big of a deal. I can live with small scratches especially if the micro fiber cloths supposedly get rid of them and the idea of waxing a guitar seems like it may cause issues when sitting and playing.
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