Basically I'm having a hard time deciding if I should get some nice pedals and/or a multi-fx pedal or some pickups. I play a variety of stuff from Red Hot Chili Peppers to Rage Against The Machine to Killswitch Engage. I have a Ibanez RG2EX2 and a Roland Cube 30, this is for practicing and maybe a little jamming if I feel like it. I just found this review so I may consider more pickups now:
RG2EX2 Review | Ibanez | Reviews @ Ultimate-Guitar.Com
I already have a Digitech digital delay and a Jimi Hendrix Wah, so maybe I am set up for a little bit. Recommendations on a metal pedal and some nice pickups for the kind of music I like to play?

One last thing is in the review it says the strings are high, How low do people usually go, and how low is too low?

Also It only has a 3-way switch for the pickups, is there a way to do the switch-aroo because I have a different guitar with a 5-way.

Another thing; is it easy to exchange tuners? I have grovers on a different guitar that I don't play much...I would love to have those things on this guitar!!!

i like having a pedal board so i just collect stuff. as for your action, mine is super low i can hardly get a piece if paper under the strings. too low is when you get fret buzz.
Well, I would prefer mine to be a bit lower, unless there is a certain right or wrong instead of just preference. How do I go about lowering it?

Feel free to answer any of my other questions.
Bring it to a shop, ask them to properly set it up and lower your action.

Also, what do you need a 5-way switch for? 3 way's work for HH guitars. Your guitar with a 5 way probably has 3 pickups...

About tuners, you can get those replaced when you get it setup, if you don't like 'em. Just make sure you go to a good, small shop - not anything like Guitar Center.