My guitar doesn't have a truss rod.
And yesterday I changed my strings and took a higher gauge (from 0.09 to 0.10)
Can this cause any damage to my guitar?
Your guitar probably does have a truss-rod, but it might not be adjustable.

Heavier gauge strings do require more tension, but 10s are still considered light.

I wouldn't worry.
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electric or acoustic?

if its classical then thats fine aslong as you're using nylons.

otherwise im not sure, its not a huge step up. Aklso if your guitar has a strat style or floatring bridge then it may need adjusting.
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It's a Washburn X-10
I changed them about a week ago, I think, and there's nothing wrong with them.
But if someone has some more advice, tell me!
(Like, do I have to change the intonation?)