For those of you who don't know in Spain it works like this. There is grado Elemental which is taught at music schools and private teachers. Then there is conservatorio Profesional:

Grado Medio: Most people here come from music schools, I think it has 6 years.
Grado Superios: Here the number of people that get in cuts down, because the standard is much higher. Generally you also do a degree in musicology at the same time.

The format of the exams to get in is this:

        To get in, you must pass all of the areas, and get a reasonably high average to get into one of the places(there are about 4). My average was 8.4, and the highest was 8.5. He had a better grade in singing than me, so even though I played better than him, he has preference.

        I am really pleased I got in, specially since last year I failed the violin test because I had no clue we had to sing. This is also good, because my music studies will actually be documented now, meaning that they are more "profesional" or "authentic" in a way. The only pitty is that, since I have moved countries so many times in my life, I arrived here quite late, so I am already 14. Meaning that when I have to choose whether to continue profesionally with music or not I will already be about 2 years into an engineering degree. I hope.

        I checked my results today and for some reason I just felt the need to share with you guys.
        Congratulations! You make me jealous... I want to go to a fine arts school so bad. They made me pick a major in High School, so I chose Fine and Preforming Arts... but because I go to a public school in West Virginia, our "Fine Arts Department" is basically Band, Guitar, Choir, and "art"... and I do technical theatre, so I live in the Auditorium... but yeah our "Fine arts department" sucks... I wish I could be you
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        Congrats, I don't know what the hell your on about with all the No. 10 By Bavorati or something, but it sounds fancy, well done

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        Congrats confusius Sounds like something to be proud of. The McManus I live in West Virginia (in New Martinsville) and the only “Fine arts” We have is Band, Art and Drama. I wish we had guitar or any other musical type "art" other than band.
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        i wish we had something like that here
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        Congratulations that's great!

        I'm jealous you have such great programs there in Spain.

        If you have any recordings you've posted or want to post, I'd be more than happy to have a listen.


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        Well done

        I hope I do not have to do any singing for my college auditions, as I cannot sing at all... but hopefully that does not stop me from being able to pursue GUITAR!

        I would be extremely angered if that were the case
        My God, it's full of stars!