yeh so there's a worst gig experiences so i thought id make a best one!

mine has got to be our school battle of the bands last year the crowd went nuts and when the winner was being announced EVERYONE was chanting for us it was such a good feeling! we didnt win but we play metal and the judges were all old lol some rock band won, they played crap lol everyone booed them and they got some eggs

another was just last night we were playing at a bar and it was our first gig with no-one we knew at but it went really well the crowd seemed to really enjoy themselves and our screamer was amazing! ive never heard him scream so good in my life! my ears are still ringing now we were pretty loud!

yeah so share your best gig experiences!

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Playing your first sold out shows gotta be up there...
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my best one was at my band's first out-of-town show, and halfway through our first song, a huge circle pit opened up... it was sweet, a kid almost broke his arm
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its metal/electronica
winins talent shows. my band won and everyone got so happy.best time ever.
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The first show with our new singer. We played at some girl party and they all knew us. We couldn't hear ourselves play everyone was screaming. Diden't play too well, but damn it felt cool.
2 years ago, I was in an acoustic duo (guitarist/singer and me on percussion.) We had this semi-regularly gig at an Irish pub that was about a 2 1/2 hour commute for us. The place was packed that night and they loved us. The singer had a great onstage personality and could get crowds going. All of a sudden there are girls buying us shots, tipping us like crazy, dancing all over each other, etc. (I should mention we were a pretty rocking acoustic duo)

We played for 3 hours and I made around $250. The base pay for that night was $150 for myself, about $50 in tips, and I found $65 on the floor after close.
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