ok...so im new to this kaoss pad business.

i dont want to build one into my guitar or anything...

i mearly want one to mess around with and make some cool noises through my guitar. Should be pretty simple i think...

I just want to know what i need to set it up..

im thinking its just AMP>KAOSS PAD>GUITAR. but im not sure whether i need some extra software or hardware or anything :S

would be greatful for some help or confirmation please.

the one I used to have was just a MIDI controler and required MIDI controlled effects to use, I don't know if the newer onea have built in effects or not.

they do have thier own effects, it needs a line level signal to work right though so you'll have to run it through an effects loop or a preamp pedal.
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well i've got my effects loop....so could i just stick it in there cos it has got built in effects.
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