Poll: Download C.D. in advance or wait for official release?
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View poll results: Download C.D. in advance or wait for official release?
Download C.D.
7 28%
Wait for release
18 72%
Voters: 25.
A simple question of whether you will download your favourite bands new cd early or wait for the cd to officially to be released? This all comes to my mind after I found Bad Religions new cd available online. I think I will wait but I wanted to find out when your favourite bands cd came out what you did, Linkin Park, Megadeth, White Stripes, Queens of the Stone Age are all good examples of peoples tops bands that have recently came out, what would you do... wait for the cd or download the mp3s beforehand?

Poll coming
I usually just wait for the cd realease date then I download the mp3. The worst you can do is download a leaked album for free.
I tend to download the album first just so i don't waste money on it if it's bad.
Although some bands i'll just go straight out and buy the album.
id go on youtube if desperate for a leak, but then buy the CD on the day, like when united abominations came out. CD's are just somehow... better
I prefer to wait for the cd, just so I can have the actually disc and lyrics book, I don't like getting lyrics off the internet so yeah, wait for cd
I wait for the CD release... I like to have CD's of my fav bands...

Cant wait for the new Thrice album!!!