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Im still somewhat of a beginner but ive learned some full songs and right now im trying to learn About a Girl buy Nirvana. Its a pretty easy song, I have the verse, intro, solo, almost all parts down i can even sing along too ( a new skill i resently gained which im psyched about)

anyway there is one part of the song that has really weird sharp chords i think its C# G# and F#. I can play the F# the C# is hard to play but sounds correct and the G# i think is wrong it looks weird and sounds like **** anyway. I was just wondering if anyone on the forums more fimilar with music theory could tell me some other chords to play instead of those that would still sound decent for the soul reason that I could be able to play the complete song, I know it sounds lazy but those chords i really dont have down yet and i really wanna have this full song down!. Someone help plz!

btw heres the chords ive been using: http://www.ultimate-guitar.com/tabs/n/nirvana/about_a_girl_crd.htm thanks to whoever posted them on here they have been fun to play along the song with!
the tab sounds fine to me. just use power or barre chords, its easy then, there are only about 4 chords, with the same shape, just move around on the fretboard. G=powerchord at 3rd fret E string, F same a G just 2 frets lower, etc.
D|---5 <---this is a barre chord if you can play that then for G# just move it up a fret.

as for C#play it as the same but on the 9th fret.


B|--6-- <-C#
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