The first 20 seconds I feel are a little bit... 4:4 timing basically. But past 25 seconds it really takes a u-turn, and a few seconds before that. I love the climbing of the scale up to 44 seconds.. The rest of it's pretty beautiful. Just the first 20 seconds don't do it justice .
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I'll be honest. For me, it started kind of weak, and i would consider making the beginning flow more, but it turned out to be really good. Your understanding of chord structure and music theory surpass many other people on UG.
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^thanks for the prompt crit! As for the intorduction, I kind of agree. When composing little things like this, I like to just compose a fairly simple introduction and expand.
the first 20 seconds are not good

but the rest is well thought out.

maybe try to bring out the darker side of beethoven in your stuff.

this sounds too happy and major

anyway since you dig classical

take a look at my piece
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Nice piece. Definitely has that Beethoven touch. I love the way you expand the musical soundscape as you progress. The only weak part, I think, is the ending. Definitely try to improve that with some heightened tension or something. I don't think it sounds too "happy and major" - after all, that's how a lot of Beethoven's pieces sounded. :p

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