Now the rest of these fools dont fully understand the beauty of this type of music. I want to be first to say that its great.. Not necessarily the type of piano i would play, but its composed.

Yet I had one problem.. some of the other instruments like the strings well.. they weren't real enough for me. I dont know if you used a keyboard or what but i highly HIGHLY SUGGEST getting a orchestra sampling synth from online. Samples have better quality.. My personal favorite "Edirol Orhestral" .. look it up buy it and then remix your songs and then your music would be true art.
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^ Thanks for the crit!

I actually used Edirol Orchestral for this. But I didn't have a clue what I was doing! I may have used solo violin instead of full strings. Maybe i'll change that.
godofthemoon stop being so up your own ass you think youre the only one who listens to classical and concerto music wise up theres plenty of us.

anyways great composition man, the horns were well used and the whole piece was basically excellent i dont really know what i would change i only listened to 1 and 2 tho.
I'm not an expert (or should I say 'at all knowledgable'?) on this type of music, but it sounds amazing! I wanna call it epic jazz, but then I'd get shouted at...

It sounds really good! I love it!
Great piece of work. Movement I was great all the way through; it felt very vibrant. I loved how Movement II started out - almost reminded me of a Rachmaninoff piano concerto.

Movement III was very nice as well, especially the beginning. I feel like it could have had one last "bang" before it ended, but that's up to personal taste.

Good compositional technique, and great sound quality, methinks. Too bad folks like us can't afford to hire full orchestras.

Anyways, crit for crit?

the piano sounds really great...powerful fortes in octaves, very much like the first Liszt concerto. my only problem is with the horns...the tonal quality for one, but i understand there's not much you can do there. and also with the use, at least in the first movement...they're written a bit too high in the register for my taste, and they're a bit too much in the lead in terms of melody when they should be supporting the piano, which makes them sound almost corny. the second movement is great, great development of the original theme. the third makes nice use of counterpoint, and the "cadenza"-ish part is nice. overall, the use of percussion is great, works really well. nice work, keep it up.
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Wow. 35 seconds in and it's already blown my mind. It's pretty obvious that nothing was recorded live, but aside from that it sounds absolutely amazing. Everything flows so well, every instrument is complimented by another. I love the really fast string runs paired with the flute and how everything gets soft for a few measures and then suddenly switches to a major key.
The second movement is beautiful. Very soft and mellow, a great contrast to the first. Nothing really stands out specifically though, it was good, but not as spectacular as the first.
The third movement is, as bigballin said, quite Final Fantasy esque. Of the three, it's definitely my favorite. The drums are used perfectly, and just sparingly enough to give the song a really soft feel but a definite rythym. Some of the octaves on the piano about a quarter of the way in sound like they'd be near impossible the play live though . It's kinda starting to lose my interest near the end though...it's moving a tad slow for my tastes.

All that being said, fantastic. You did a great job on this. It's definitely not my style of music, but it's amazing nonetheless.

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first movement- good piano line as well as strings and horns. what program u use?

what hurt me the most was that the dynamic changes were noticeable, and it did seem hectic in some parts. the drums were used well, but the whole thing seemed rather sudden, but it had it moments

second movement- i like this one much better than the first, actually had a ggreace feel to it in some parts. dynamics are used very very well, some nice chords in there as well with the piano, good contrast to the first movement as said before, and had some similaraties which is always good. the percussion wasnt written well IMO, seemed all over the place, but that may be part of the feel, im not sure

third movement- good use of instrumentation (sp?). i think this one has the best drum use with the snare, nice and controlled, and the crashes are placed well. once again, good dynamics again, this is your best one i think, a good strong melody, not hectic, good duets and variations with the different winds and strings, nicely done.

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dude, what about an actual solo in death metal instead of that poof from linkin park. Think of Pulse of the Maggots - Bed Of Razors

^thanks for the crit

I kind of agree/disagree about the precussion. I don't really know anything about it so I'm basically limited to snare, timpani and cymbal - so, the writing is not of a very high standard. I manily used it to just emphasise certain areas but I could have used it more sparingly in some areas.

As for the hectic mood.. I don't really understand The mood is meant to be hectic.. although I kind of get what you're saying.