I'm a new member in UG and I only post less than 10 forums. But in tabs, I put 4 tabs and 3 of them now are in the list. People aproved them very fast. BUT I GOT ON FOR ONE WEEK AND NO ONE SEES IT ! Is a band that is not in UG and is a latin balad song. The name of the band is El sueño de morfeo and the song is "Ojos de cielo". Can someone help me to promote my tab and aprroveed it. I now my english is no to good, isn't my first language but if anyone want to see it and check the acurracy, email me and I download the song or take him to a site to download it. I dont now if I want everything to fast but if you could give me a hand Im going to thank you all. Thanks.
newbie forum?
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well you can't make people look at your tabs...if it's an unknown band or song then you shouldn't expect many people to see it...
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