Does anyone know what the term "magna eyes" might mean. It's from a lyric in "The Argus" by Ween "Magna eyes the track for miles searching for disease" I've looked into it and cant find what "magna" or "magna eyes" means...
you mean manga?

isn't that a style of japanese animations, where the characters have big eyes, and really tiny, barely-existing noses?

edit: oh... forgot about that lol.
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Magna alone is Latin for great/big woman. Magna eyes would mean "the great woman looks (at)"

Hmm, interesting...though that doesn't seem to fit the rest of the song...unless I'm simply misinterpreting it all this time, haha
I think magna means just 'great' or 'big': Magna cum laude approbatur = 'With great acknowledgement approved'.
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But using it alone without an object for the adjective assumes a subject of man/woman/thing based on the gender of the ending used.

Yeah, that would make sense. Sorry, I misread the lyrics
It's Italian. It means eat. Eat eyes.

...no wait, that would be mangi ... nevermind.
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