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don't you mean the wiinernet

Yes. Of course he means the wiinernet.

But I haven't tried it yet.

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Quote by billythexninja
don't you mean the wiinernet

you win.
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Its like the ordinary internet but slightly slower and harder to type on.

Good for some things, bad for most.

Cant wait for some good online games to come out for the wii though.Metroids been delayed, Which hopefully means multiplayer. And if the DS metroids anything to go by, it should be nothing short of amazing.
Supposedly your going to have to pay for it after July 1. It cost 500 Wii points. But if you already have it downloaded your safe.
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I never use it, I have my computer for internet, my wii is for making me look like a retard infront of my friends.
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Porno Wii!

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It's good, not uber-special though. And the latest version of flash + embedded windows media player doesn't work.
im using the DS internet now. suck cause you cant watch video or listen to music. no rock and porn
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The "wiinernet" is actually pretty cool. But typing is a hassle.
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its fun. and MARIO KART ONLINE OMG !!!!!!!!!!11!1!!1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!one!1!11!!1!
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you can hook anykeyboard with a usb slot into the wii but i cant find one to use

i tried using one. it didn't work. i wasn't dissappointed tho.. i was pretty certain it wasn't gonna go seeing as it was unlikely that a wii would have generic keyboard drivers.
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