ok, i have $1500 for a new guitar or amp. my amp is a total POS Dean Markley 10watt. my guitar is a total POS Yamaha that doesnt even work. i recently bought a Epiphone Elitist Les Paul, but returned it to save up more money and reconsider my choices. i know everyone will say get an amp first, but hear me out. ill have another $1500 in about a month or so from work, and am wondering if i should put up with the crappy amp for a month but have a nice guitar till i buy my amp, or amp but no guitar to speak of. also, any recommendations for an amp in the $1500 price range. it has to be a tube amp too, a solid-state $1500 amp is retarded. i play mostly grunge, some Led Zeppelin, and some metal (Slayer etc...). the guitar will have 2 humbuckers, i may just go with the elitist lp. any suggestions? very much appreciated, thanks
id say get an ibanez prestiege s2170se guitar and save for an amp amp wise id get a messa boogie head witch is expensive but worth it and u probly wont have enough for a mesa cab at that point so id buy a cheep 1
if you can wait another month, i'd do that, and put $1500 into both guitar and amp.
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