The situation is, we are a bunch of youngsters, and we're planning to do gigs(and demo recording) sometime soon.

The challenge is, we only have low-wattage amps (Most powerful amp is 30W, and all of our amps are solid state) and I don't think this will suffice for live playing.
(BTW, we're all around 15 years, so we don't have much allowance,or money, to buy great material)

I do think we can record our demos with these amps, because the tone of our amps is alright (and the tone of that 30W amp is hella awesome, Roland Cube if you guys are interested), and I think volume isn't that much of a priority for recording as tone is.

The final question is (though you , off course, you may warn me that my way of thinking in the preceding paragraphs is extremely wrong ) :
Do we need to buy bigger amps to play live with a drummer?
(My opinion about this, is that if there's a house PA and there are house speakers, you don't need to have powerful amps because the PA can boost the weaker signal of the little amps, but I still want to be sure.)
Sure you can use the PA, but that won't be available to all gigs. 30W solid state would be enough if you were playing a soft jazz gig, but that's about it. It's time to start talking to your parents about getting some better, and bigger equipment.
Yes, you can always mic your amps if the venue has a PA. And sometimes, the place will even have house Amps you guys could use.

Dont buy a Marshall MG or Line6 Spider II HalfCab.
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it depends on how big the venue is, if its the garge where you practice for 10 friends then your fine with what you have, but if you want to play bigger gigs you'll need something bigger
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we have the same problem! and our amps dont sound that great either but yeh they can usually be miced up to the PA, at my last gig though the other bands guitarist let me use his Marshall DSL100 it was gooooood lol
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ya my band has the same type deal going on.

35 watt amps
and 2 unemployed guitarists

were just gonna save up
and buy some Randall combos
ya my band has the same type deal going on.

35 watt amps
and 2 unemployed guitarists

were just gonna save up
and buy some Randall combos
I'm in the same position mate...

Try & save up for just a head tho., and borrow a cab at gigs, then buy a cab when you've got some money... untill then, get to be good friends with any bands you might be playing with.. and they might let you use their stack


Try selling stuff on eBay =]
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Its fun

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Ive got similar question, yy band all has 100W amps and a 100W PA for vocals,is that loud enough to play in a school gym?
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yeah, i'd get something bigger, at least 50 watts, most 50 watt amps can have cabs plugged into them.

btw, i just bought a 50 watt MG and i think it's great except the effects are a little weak and the fan is a little noisy.
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