please dont laugh, but this is a serious question. ive been playing for about 1 and a half years now and i keep seeing this word "shred" on various different guitar sites. what does it mean? i see it so often that i feel i should know, but i dont.
It means to play the guitar really fast. A shredder = someone who can play really fast.
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Virtuoso like playing

shredders are the people who are just, well, very very good, to say the least.

The term is also used for the really fast style of playing found in like...well... different rock/metal genres.
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It means to play the guitar really fast. A shredder = someone who can play really fast.

i see, thanks for clearing that up. i felt a bit of a dick asking but its been bugging me for a while now, and if you dont ask you dont learn.
To play notes in rapid succession using various techniques
To a shredder, a second is a long time.

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actually playing a reptive phrase or lick for 21 days moderatly slowly actually makes your muscle memory allow you to play it fast , its all about accuracy.
I just don't care for a lot of shred either. I mean it's alright every once in a while if used sparingly but Yngwie just takes the fun out of it. All he does is blaze up and down scales and arpeggios which gets incredibly boring after the first minute.

I really like a lot of Joe Satriani's music. He can play really fast as well but he doesn't flaunt it every chance he gets and instead forms more pleasing solos. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=icdnKydffZQ

This one is a lesson on modes but after a little bit you can hear some good shred from Joe, much better than Yngwie imo: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LWHKeC4IEgA
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