Uh... what?

First, Amp power is generally measured in watts, not volts.

Second, that's a head, which is basically all the parts of an amp except for the speaker.

So, if you bought that, you would need to buy an extension cabinet that is rated for 450 watts and (probably) 4 ohms.
No i think he could be talkingabout the power supply? like Peavey amps over in the UK have to have 240v unlike the us which need 120v. And I think Behringer are made in germany so?!

Thats what I thinks!
^Well, I mean, it doesn't matter where the thing is made, because they make them so that have the proper voltage for whatever country they're being sold in. Eg. My Behringer bass amp has the proper plug for a US outlet. (not the best, but I wanted something cheap).

That's definitely not called an amp though. Threadstarter, could you be a bit more descriptive?