I'm not sure whether it would work but I think I speak for everyone when I say don't get it

Behringers have a shockingly bad reputation for being cheap but sounding like **** and playing terribly, then breaking easily.
Hm, I played one yesterday at my friend's band practice, and I loved the sound...

But if it'll break easily screw it.

I have $250 to spend, so next question:

Should I Buy:

An acoustic bass

A new amp

A different bass head

Other (please suggest)
I doubt you can get much in the way of amps for $250.
An acoustic bass always sounded fun to me, but I've never had the cash.
As for head, depends on what you got right now.
I've never owned my own bass head...I want to buy one for cheap though...

And I DID play a pretty cheap acoustic bass a while back...it sounded like ****. lol

I think amps are out of the question, so should I buy a bass head for my 120 volt amp, or an acoustic bass...
Acutally, your right. It's a combo...

Well, I guess I'll buy an acoustic bass.
Or save the money? It doesn't have to be spent now, and for that money, an acoutic bass would be rubbish.
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Here's a better idea. Get a rackmount head. Behringer Bass V-Amp = $100, Nady power amp = $100, and surely you can get a 4 space rack case for about $50.
If you get those and don't have a head, they'll be worthless for a while. And dont get the Behringer. The GK 210 looks good, I like the tone that 210 amps give. but a lot of the tone you get from this will depend on your head.

I'm thinking about this $250 Ashdown 2x10 cab--I don't have the $ for a head yet either, but this one looks good:
That ashdown looks awesome...

I think I will just buy the GK 210, I have a birthday coming soon, and I'll probably get some money...(it's awesome to be young, lol)

Maybe enough to buy a good bass head...
Too bad I won't be getting any money till christmas..and even then, not enough for a good head. I'll have to look into 210 combos. Anyway, the GK is known for its bright tone and good mid-treble response, unlike a lot of amps. Any 210 wont have the same low-end response as a 115, but the 210 compensates with better highs/mids and brighter tone. If thats what you want, go for it. Otherwise, get a 1x15 cab or a cheap 115 combo--Fender and Peavey have some good 115 combos for around 250-300, so look around. And as always, check used. If you could find a GK or Ashdown or even a good combo used, go for it.
do u mean 120 watt?
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Whatever you do, don't buy behringers, once you do, you night not stop. I know a guy, who had a 210 400-watt combo, and it prettymuch exploded, and now he has a behringer fullstack. When I saw him doing that, I lost all respect for him, like he just went and ****ed Pete Wentz up the a$$
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