Hey guys, I'm not sure if this is the right forum to post this in, but as it's for guitars I'll risk it.

Anyway, recently I've learnt Crazy Train, Enter Sandman, Them Bones and Paranoid (I'll get vids up once my webcam has been fixed). I've decided I'd like to learn something that would benefit my alternate picking, as all of the above songs focus on legato over that.

I'm asking you then for your suggestions. Please, no recommendations of learning Malmsteen or Rusty Cooley or something that I don't have a chance of learning at this stage of my playing.

I prefer metal and rock over anything else, but if you think it would help, I'll look into it.

Much appreciated guys!
I'm going to create the procrastination club, just later...
well...you could learn crazy train with alternate picking...
and since you like metallica you can learn master of puppets(i know they play it all downstrokes but ...you can still learn it alt...it can give you quite a good challenge at first
well actually you can do that with almost every metallica song...megadeth...iron maiden etc
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