A few friends and I are putting together a band and i have been told im doing lead guitar.
However i have never really concentrated on playing lead guitar before, the most technically demanding solo i know is probably Smells like teen spirit, which isnt hard at all; and i have no knowledge of music theory like scales and keys at all.
i know you cant "fast-track" the learning process, but can anyone point me in the direction of some good instructional books on lead guitar, or some good websites?

Thanks a lot.
You're already here, the best method (for me at least) is to try learning things I know and like and then working out what other people do and incorporating into my own playing.
cyberfret.com has a lot of lessons that will help you in learning theory and technique.
you dont need the most kick ass solos ever.. they just need to sound good.. most people listening to your band dont know about technical solos.. they now what sounds good..
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