Would a 150w Crate Powerblock be able to push a Marshal MG412 cabinet?
I dont really want to add a crate cab.
Yeah i dont see why it shouldnt be able to, as long as your get the ohm's matched up correctly. But an MG cab isn't much of a step up from a crate cab in the grand scheme of things.
Yes, but I really don't think an MG cab is going to be a marked improvement.

What about a Marshall 1960A Cab? Or a Mesa 4x12? I think used Mesa cabs can be had for $500 US? Hell, what about an Avatar cab?
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What would be a good entry level Cab?
I care more about the tone than the name.
150W Powerblock + MG cab would sound like utter ****..

Not to mention a MG can is only 120W so you're risking blowing it up anyway..

I thought powerblocks were only power amps anyway? Wouldn't it just be like playing through a PA?
Well, I intend on running the powerblock thru my Line6 POD XT live into the cab and model my sounds?
Is this crazy??
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Quote by TheDev01dOne
Not to mention a MG can is only 120W so you're risking blowing it up anyway.

Only if you're running it full volume all the time.

What you should really be looking at, with the POD is a high wattage cab so the POD can do it's speaker emulations without being colored by lower wattage speakers. If the MG cab is only 120W, I don't recommend it.

Edit: try this one: http://www.guitarcenter.com/shop/product/Line-6-Spider-III-320w-4x12-Amp-Cabinet?full_sku=480986
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Why does it make a difference if the watts on the cab are low if I dont blast it?
The PowerBlock has 75w stereo or 150w total.
It says 4 ohms x2 or 8 ohms x1.
So what you are saying is I need a cab with the minimum of 75 w handeling for each speaker.
Do I have this correct??
That would mean a 4x12 cab should have 300w minimum.
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