The names of my song is just some random **** that drops in to my head.

Soooo, this is what im working on at the moment.
Its not finished, as you may notice at the transmissions and the end.

It starts of realy soft and sounds a little wierd in midi.
Then it kicks in with lots of random riffage linked together.

yeah, thats it. C4C i guese.
I liked it. It had a very eerie progressive feel to it. However, it seemed to not flow too well in some parts. (I'd cite the specific areas, but I'm listening to the midi) The intro, imo, takes far too long. I would say either shorten it or add another hook to it to carry your listeners over to the distorted part. The bass was very nice, though, and was one of the highlights of this song for me, because the bass is often poorly represented in metal nowadays. Not bad. Crit one of mine? They're in my sig.
Yeah i was a little worry that the intro might be a little long.
And yeah i know what you mean about the flow,
I just dont get those trasitions to work probebly.
Thanks for the crit.