I own a copy of the movie, "The Langoliers" by Stephen King. I am trying to make a copy of the DVD. This movie is not small enough to fit on a regular DVD. This movie will only fit on a Double-Layer DVD. Although, I was wondering... Is there any possible way to make a double disc? Like the movie would be on 2 discs? Kind of like how Final Fantasy VII is on 3 discs, but this movie would be on 2? Get my drift?

So is there any kind of software for making 2 discs out of 1 movie? I've tried DVD Shrink and Nero with a Double-Layer disc, but it all fails. I got one through DVD Shrink, but then when I put the DVD in my DVD player, it only loads up to the menu, and then when I hit PLAY, the movie freezes. And Nero does the same thing.

if you own it why are you trying to copy it?
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