something i came up with a little while ago and spent some early morning hours completing.
its sort of slow, so yeah ignore the rather boring intro, although my friend thought it necessary, and the second half of the solo is kinda out of place with some tapping so i might change it if it gets a bad rap. also perhaps longish for some people, coming in at over 7 mins, but i hope you like it

to expand, this is for my sort of semi progressive death/thrash band...this is a sort of mostly instrumental slow piece, theres a part 2 of it as well which is faster somewhat with more lyrics
unnamed song.zip
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Horribly boring. That sort of repetition is really not required, unless you're doing it for atmosphere (ie funeral doom/black metal/whatever), but it's clear you're not, so I suggest dramatically shortening it, and adding more riffs. The ones you have are fairly straightforward and, well, kind of boring. The drums really lack I think, it's too obvious what they're going to do. Then, even worse is your bass, which just plain sucks. It's only there to serve the purpose of having low end in the song, but it feels way too monotonous, and repetitive. Then, there's the solo which is boring as hell too. The tapping part really does not fit tonality wise and style wise. It seems like it's forced. So, having said all that, even though the song is boring, at least the little riffs it has don't seem forced.
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ah well thanks anyway youve reinforced what i pretty much knew already.
i was a bit overactive with ctrl C/ctrl V during writing, so much cropping is required.
also i havnt yet got the bassist and drummer onto the task, so i might have a chance then
The intro is only boring because its quite long. Shorten it and it won't be so bad. The tapping part wouldn't sound out of place if it was in key with the song.

The whole song doesn't need to be as long as it is. If you're going for a progressive sound then alter the main riff/theme more. Don't just repeat the same riff and melody for the sake of it.

The solo part was alright but might want to make the it a bit more technical as it sounded more like an interlude than a typical progressive/thrash/death metal solo.
You obviously don't understand changing up time signatures. Take music theory class and try again. Your tapping solo thing in the beginning is out of key, and the introduction is way to long.