i have a B.C Rich Masterpiece Bich
yeah agathis =/
but i got a nice pedal and my dean sounds great on the amp with that pedal

nothing really wrong with my B.C Rich it sounds good..just not Deep enough

i was thinking will these pickups fix my problem
cause my Bich still has its stock pickups

i wanna use the bich for Drop D or C...cause My CFH guitar i dont really feel like droping its tune

will these pickups help?
for my Bich

Neck pickup: Rockfield Mafiahttp://www.guitarcenter.com/shop/product/Rockfield-Mafia-Humbucker-Pickup-?full_sku=300097%2e703%2e064

Bridge Pickup: Rockfield Fatass Humbucker
well original i want this guitar set-up for deathcore really
so i need pickups that can give me more better tone..less tonal dropoff when i do some wild finger movements..something that wont muff..like i can hear all my strings..
...You don't need totally super crazy output picups to do metal....Or death-core, or whatever...
I'm trying to give you a versatile combo.

What the hell is "tonal dropoff" when you do wild finger movements? Sorry, I think you're attributing way too much of your tone to your pickups.

What kind of amp are you using?
a fender 212 fm amp haha..im also needing a new amp lol

i was hoping atleast better pickups would improve the sound of my bich while in the meantime i save up for a better amp

i was looking at marshel halfstack?
if you could mind helping me there haha
i would appreciate it
Just keep saving for a new amp. You'll need the money. Metal oriented amps are expensive. Your pickups might even sound decent through a new amp.
Look at Randalls, maybe a Marshall JCM900. Used Peavey 5150s go for about 500-600 USD, and would suit you just fine. Don't be afraid to go used...It's a lot of savings in the long run.

BTW, you don't NEED a halfstack. Once you enter world of tube amps, you'll discover that 15 watts of tube is as loud as 60 watts of solid state.
you know where i can find one of those used?

well i like my pedal..it adds just the right amout of distortion and is very tweakable
its got just the right effects that i like

and doesnt sound cruddy like those line 6 pedals..where they jam so much everything sounds crapy well in my oppinoin

but i think i might settle for that peavy valvking
did you know you can hook that thing to a have stack to have a 6 speaker?
the B-52 is better for more distortion...the valveking is more of a medium gain amp. And why would you need 6 speakers? 2 is more that enough, more isnt always better. The quality of the speakers is more important