Please excuse my horrible vocab for the guitar.

On the back of a Strat, there's a white plate covering the holes that you feed guitar strings into. My question is, do I need to have this plate on? I find that taking broken guitar strings out is much easier to do without the plate in the way. I play live and if I break a string, I wanna be able to take the string out quick. Is it safe if I don't have the plate on?
there should be a slot to take strings off and put them on. its really not difficult at all on my strat to change strings. maybe yours is different but taking the plate off just makes the inside more vulnerable to damage. its should safe but just makes it easier for your strat to get damaged
Yeah, there are slots but since the ends of the strings are bent, it can be difficult to get strings out sometimes. And I've got a Squire... yeah I want a new guitar but I'm poor.
cut the bend, pull it out
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i always take mine off. they're basically cosmetic.

and you mean the tremelo cover.
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