I have a little problem with LW. Every few days when I check my library there are a couple of items in red that say 'folder' and 'albumart_675784154' etc. and I have no recollection of ever downloading them. What the hell are they? I really don't wanna get a bad virsu on my computer....
just delete them dude and do a regular check with your anti virus software use your head man
yeah i got that **** all the time, as far as I can tell... all P2P = Viruses
Except if when you run it on a Mac
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if you use Windows Media Player you may see a little thumbnail of the song's album cover...i'm pretty sure LW downloads them. but yeah like ch715dallat said at least have good anti virus software and scan what you download
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yeah its just what the cover of the album looks like... its helpful if you have a music player that also shows the album cover cause the file automatically uploads with the song
I dont think ill take the risk, i deleted LW off my computer. any other good p2p or torrent software thats safer?
Fuk that ****. LW gave my computer 30,000 trojans and 1500 spyware files. Jsut from downloading gp5, LW blows.
my computer a pice o **** ant its got more viruses than a 10 year hooker so i dont even care about it anymore
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It could be a number of things. If you're sharing other folders other than just 'Shared' then it's probably just cover art. If you downloaded whole albums it could also be cover art. Or if neither of those apply it's probably a P2P virus (i.e. Adware or a Trojan).
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The answer is install Linux. Now what was the question?
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its cover art. ive never gotten a virus from limewire. you dont have to be a ****ing genius to stay away from GUITAR PRO 5 OMG CRACKED EDITION DOWNLOAD KEYGEN SPYWARE