anything you like the look of(aside from the gh100 and SG)? Heres my full gear list

2002 Gibson Flying V
1996 Epiphone Sg-g400 w/EMG 81
Epiphone Sg-g310 (Trashed)
Laney Gh100l
Epiphone valve junior head(Gain mod)
Laney TF100
Ibanez DE-7
Line6 Uber Metal
Danelectro Fish n chips
Zoom studio 1204 (Rack mount multi effects)
Peavey Milestone III Bass
Peavey Micro Bass
4x12 Cab (With Laney logo)
2x12 Cab

I also have an audio technica wireless system
how about a schecter damien 6 + cash?
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thats a mighty price for a guitar like that. i would be willing to pay for the shipping to estonia...could you get a quoteo n that?

i know ive been looking for guitars on ebay, and usually shipping has been 125 (its like international flat or something).

but ive also seen 1000 dollar shipping. thats insane..but see what you can do for me...

cause i want it
if u were willing to go out of the u.s. you might be able to set somethin up with that guy with the fallen angel.looks like he might be lookin for a guitar