My band got offer from 2 local hip-hop artists to contribute in one or two songs.
I'm not very familiar with hip-hop including guitars, so help me.
Name some bands or techniques.
BTW, my band plays anything form indie pop to hard-rock/metal.
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Hip hop can be used very effectively with "rock".

Jack Johnson, Deftones, 311, The Beastie Boys, Sum 41, Aerosmith, The White Stripes, and of course Rage Against the Machine.

All good stuff.
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ratm ftw..... dre's style of guitar usage is mostly in a "classical" type sense, a lot of stuff he writes is simply clean guitars played in a classical type style, also spanish type style is used alot too. also chord inversions are fairly dominant in the usage of guitars in hip hop. remember, don't make anything ridiculously complex in nature, it's not generally needed, just something good and catchy that you can play for 5 minutes while someone raps over it.
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