Hey guys,
While on vacation in the USA, specifically L.A. and Portland, Oregon, I'd like to pick up a laptop to take back to Denmark, land of inflated prices (along with some nice guitar gear and a new Carvin.. )

But I haven't really looked into the american laptop market, and I'd like to hear from you guys where I should buy it! It's going to be primarily for college work, and thus needs to be stable with a decent battery, but I also want it to be able to run some games.

I have about 1000 dollars to spend, I can go a little higher or lower if it's worth it. I'm looking for 512+ RAM, 80+ gb, a decent processor and an okay videocard (at least 128 mb.) All around a decent laptop, though if theres a big upgrade for a little bit more money, I'd buy it.

So, where should I look? I am visiting someone, so I can order online.

Here's an example of what around 1200 dollars will get me in Denmark, with 25% sales tax. It's pretty much exactly what I'm looking for, but if I can get it cheaper in the US, which I should be able to, I'd like to know where!

Processor Intel Celeron mobile 1,66GHz CPU (Centrino)
Motherboard Intel® 945GM / ICH7-M (Centrino)
Ram: Original 1024MB DDRII-667 RAM DualChannel
Harddisc: 80GB harddisk S-ATA 2,5" Fluid
Videocard: Intel® Graphics Media Accelerator 950 128MB
Screen: 12.1”TFT-LCD WXGA, Glare Type,1280x800, 16.7M colors

Thanks a LOT, I really need a laptop for next year, and I'm gonna be moving out, so saving money is important.
Okay, on a computer board they said Dell; it's kind of confusing, because in Denmark the best deals are with smaller companies that offer competitive prices. And in the US, the big chains have the best deals, with decent quality laptops?

Also, is it true there is no sales tax in Oregon? Kind of weird, but it would be worth taking advantage of while I'm over there...