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meat lovers
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what kinda pizza should i order... or should i get a pzone???
i play bass,,, Jesus pwns ur face,,,

originally posted by garret:
The name sucks, you might as well call yourself "we take it up the a**"
order one that tastes good then you can't go wrong!

Go ride a bike to Subway and EAT FRESH!
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bbq sauce instead of pizza sauce, chicken, bacon.

not all places will do the bbq sauce but pizza pizza will
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Darn! The pit has must have hit the bottom, if some of its users need help to choose a friggin PIZZA!
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pepperoni FTW
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Yeh this guy knows his ****... just listen to him XD

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choosing a pizza can be a very hard task

i support the man and his decision to ask for guidance!
dude...where the hell is the hawaiin (sp?) pizza...that stuff is amazing
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lol I remember when pzones came out. I was so crazy about it. BUt i don't htink they sell em anymore where I live. And I forgot what a Pzone looks like. I usually just get like peperoni, pinaples, tomato, mushroom, sometimes i get olives, sometimes i get other **** on it. sometimes i just get a plain cheese. You shuld prbly get a vegetarian pizza or something, keep healthy
Hawiian pizza is a ridiculous misuse of bacon. Pineapple does not belong on pizza.
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Darm! The pit has must have it the bottom, now that some of it's users need help to chose a FRIGGIN' PIZZA !

well maybe he wants an opinion on pizza not a whiney 8 yr old nerd.

EDIT: oh and get the rocky road.
Dood I really want a pizza now...

I think you may have inspired me to order one.
too bad I'm lactose intollerant
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Dood I really want a pizza now...

I think you may have inspired me to order one.
too bad I'm lactose intollerant

Go cheese free, it's still a pizza.
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I love you, Muphin. You have great taste in music.

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chesse pizza with bread sticks mmmmmm
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Just make sure you don't get a sausage lovers or something...kinda awkward when the pizza guy comes.
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You should stop making dumb threads first of all.

Second of all, Pepperoni.
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Meat lover, that way you get some of everything :P
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cheese all the way man. well, i'm vegetarian.. so.. if you wanna go for pure awesomeness, i'd say meat, because meat is good, i'm just a vag about that stuff.
Get supreme. It's got a little bit of everything. Out of those, I'd get cheese.

Personally, I'd order Veggie Lover's, but that's because I'm a tree-hugging leftist.
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I want a pizza and I cant be arsed to cook one.

Whats a pzone?

It's Pizza Hut's version of a calzone, which is a stuffed sandwich made of pizza dough. Think of it as an inverted pizza. I remember them from a few years ago, but then they stopped making them. According to Wikipedia, they're back.
Pizza huts do Calzones! I'm getting pizza hut after work tomorrow now.

Seriously get the meatlovers

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pzone because they're like calzones and calzones>pizza
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Get the meatfeast so you can kill all represented culinary species. Try spreading honey bbq sauce on a pizza base it is awesome.

edit calzones>pizza x2
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