What kind of stuff should I record when making a journal of practicing scales and economy picking? I did one for a while of what BPM I practiced each scale at, but I kind of just ditched that and practice without doing it now. But I hear that's the best way to increase speed so I want to know what exactly I should document. Maybe like an example page from somebody would help?
I would just write down what scale, bpm, note type (8th, 16th, etc). So I guess an example would be:

May 22th:
-A Major Scale
-60bpm 8th notes
-A Pentatonic Scale
-50bpm 8th notes

and so forth. Also it would probably help to set goals, such as I want to be 10bpm faster in 2 weeks. So map it out, so you could do 2bpm faster and spend a day or two perfecting it, then go 2 more and another couple days perfecting it until you reach your goal.
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