I need an overdrive pedal for my Marshall JCM 900 combo. It never has had enough gain, and I figured if I got an overdrive, like a Boss SD-1 or a Tubescreamer, that I could get like a Zakk Wylde-ish tone, or at least close to it. I want it thick and chunky, and get screaming squeals, and really nice sounding lead tones. So would an SD-1 or Tubescreamer do that for me? Or just I just sell it all together and invest in a Peavey 5150??
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Well, a JCM900 will get you closer to xakk than a 5150 will. Go for a TS and try it. If not, try a 5150, and see if it can do the job.
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if you want to save some cash, the SD-1 will probably suit you better than a tubescreamer. Its a bit more transparent IMO, and that will probably help you if you're using humbuckers and a marshall, its going to be a bit midrangy as it is. I'd look at a Boss Blues Driver as well in the under 100$ range. A fulltone OCD would be PERFECT if you are willing to part with $150.
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I especially like the tone on Road To Nowhere and Time After Time, stuff like that, pretty much the No More Tears era, Zakk Wylde around 1988 and 1989. Zakk used a JCM 800 and a Boss SD-1 Super Overdrive, and that was the only thing that altered his distortion, the rest was like effects, like wah's and stuff. And my JCM 900 is a model up, and is supposed to have more distortion than the 800 i think, so if I got a overdrive, I should be able to get a pretty heavy Ozzy sound, right????
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tubescreamer 100%. I regret not saving up for one. The TS tightens up the tone more nicely than the sd1, and is more transparent and less fizzy.
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Tubescreamer (TS808 is supposedly really transparent) or the Maxon 808 (cheaper than the tubescreamer, but apparently the same thing)
How the **** are TS's transparent?! They're rather middy.
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Well, Zakk used to use an SD-1 before he got his own signature pedal. Either way, the Tubescreamer and SD-1 are near identical with a few component changes.
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How the **** are TS's transparent?! They're rather middy.

+1. but they still have the tight responsive sound.
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Quote by aznrockerdude
How the **** are TS's transparent?! They're rather middy.

The TS is more transparent than the SD1. The SD1 gets really fizzy and sounds solid state-y when you turn the drive knob up too much. Mids can be avoided by turning down the tone knob on the pedal. The TS also tightens up the tone better than the SD1.
When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace.
-Jimi Hendrix