ok ive been playing for a few years and i love the sound of ska guitar,( basically anything with tim armstrong) and i can play in time and i can upstroke ok but i just cant get that thick chunky rythm sound (sorry im not sure how to describe it... in songs on tim armstrongs new album, or time bomb by rancid).
some tips/lessons please?
uh, i would just suggest that keep working on the upstroke, and not just straight upstroke rhythms, add in downstrokes occasionally. keeps it original. anyways always downstroke muted strings if your not playing anything on the downstroke just to keep something there and also make sure to release pressure on your fretting hand so the chords dont ring out. Lastly (and this may help you get the fuller sound your looking for) instead of playing chords on just the highest three strings add the root of the chord your playing on the D string, and even the fifth (if im not mistaken) of the chord on the A string, and that will acheive a thicker sound. hope it helps

Edit: by the way since Tim Armstrong kind of has an old-school ska sound, from what material of his ive heard it sounds like he does alot of doubling with an organ-style keyboard. That might be the sound your talking about.
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