I don't know if this is the correct place to post this, so please look past it if Im in the wrong section.
I need help because i am expierencing a random tempo change in guitar pro v5
I was making a song in guitar pro 5 and thought "a tempo change would go nicely here at the end" so i went to the mixing table to change the tempo from 175 to like 120 and then I had a little ending riff.
Later, i was like "ya know... i dont want my song to end just yet" so i cut the ending, went back into the mis tabel and got rid of the tempo change and made the rest of my song.
when i playback the song, the same tempo change from 175 from 120 occurs at the same spot (like... measure 80) and no track has any tempo markings on it.
I have tried copying and pasting the song to a new document to see if that fixed it, but the tempo change still occurs. I have even went back and made every measure with a 175 tempo marking and the slow down still occurs at measure 80!
if anyone can tell me how to get rid of this "phantom rallentando" please let me know!
(I can provide more info if needed)
One of the channels obviously still has a tempo change in a little mixer thing. It won't show up, however, so you have to find it....
well ill be darned. there WAS a tempo change on the drum track...
i never really look at the drum track, so i guess i never notices. thank you