Yeah, yesterday I picked up an Ashton VP30 (for $220AUS cheaper than the retail price as well.)
My first valve amp, it sounds really warm, and the sound quality is ALOT better than the Line 6 Spider II that I've been using.

I have an SD-1, and on an SS it doesn't sound very full, and doesn't seem to have enough gain. In front of the VP30, it sounds very full and I've need to run the gain less than halfway!

Anyway, onto my questions.
I had a search on the UG forums, and I've found out that the speaker is a Celestion (is this true, if so what sort?).

In the manual, it says that you only need to warm the tubes up for 20sec, and the guitar tech at the shop I got it from said you only need to warm the tubes for 5sec.
This can't be right, can it? (Doesn't it need to take at least 5min-10min to warm up/warm down?)

Also, does anyone happen to know what Class the amp is? From a bit of research, I gathered that it might be a Class A/B, but I'm just wondering if the experts on this forum know what class it is
Look at their site for exact specs.

Tubes are basically light bulbs (well not really) you only need to leave them for about 10-20 seconds before they warm up. It will take longer for them to cool however, and i wouldn't move it around untill it has.
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id give it like 30 seconds. turn it on with standby, tune up, do like 1 or 2 little finger exercises, and turn it all the way on. thats what i do.
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cool down doesn't matter whatsoever. i turn off my amp and walk away. and before anyone says anything, the tubes have lasted 4 or 5 years. give it 30 seconds or so to warm up.
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What tubes and how many of each does it have? It's 30w, so I'm assuming it'd be AB
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