I am a guitar player who has been playing for only 7 months. I can do my fair share of songs and some solo's but obviously im nothing great. I started out on a peice of crap Behringer guitar, and i hated it so much that i sold it yesterday to a freind of mine, so now im need of a guitar! I can spend anywhere from $300-$700 dollars. Im aware that with my skill level i would probobly be best off with a mid-ranged guitar. I already have a good tube amp(Crate V16 Palomino). Its soooooo much better than my behringer 15 watt peice of junk that i started on . I play a wide variety of music. This includes Cream, Skynyrd, and the Allman Bros all the way up to Megadeth and Slayer. I origonally was looking at a Schecter C-1 Classic or a Schecter C-1 Blackjack due to there versatility but i have a feeling they may be to "advanced" for my skill level. I figure id put it in your guy's hands considering you all have been playing allot longer than me. Thanks in advance.
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ibanez rg series

Well I love Ibes(hence the name) but given your wide range, I would advise a Les Paul, cuz all of those bands except Slayer have had a guitarist at some point that played a Les Paul, you may have to settle for Epiphone, but their still really good.
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try a gibson melody maker,or an epiphone of some type. or even a fender telecaster or stratocaster