Well i was down at my local shop today checking out acoustics and there was a brand new sunburst takamine, a very dark red orange, anyway im pretty sure the model was Takamine G5303, its an electric-acoustic and apparantly a brand new model, but i can't find it on the Tak website, MF or M123.

same shape as this model


but with the sunburst finish and electrified on the upper left side of the body

i really liked this guitar but i can't figure out why i can't find the model anywhere, the owner said its a brand new model, but i thought it would be on the takamine website at least. it had a $600 cdn pricetag on it so its a middle of the road takamine

hopefully this makes sense and any help would be greatly appreciated
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Hi, I believe you've got your model number wrong. The G series Takamine model numbers usually follow a pattern something like this:

E (electronics)
G (the G series guitars)
model number
SC (single cut)

so a EG523SC would tell us it is a G series guitar with electronics and a cutaway.

Your model number indicates that it has no electronics. Also, I've never seen a G series
Takamine model in the 1000s before. Go back and check it out. Keep in mind the owner is there to sell you guitars so a "Brand new model" might infact mean a model well over 2-3 years old. Good luck!

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