Anyone have any expierence with this pedal? I was looking to get a distoration pedal to give a bunch of different sounds and I found this one online. It models a lot of different pedals including a tube screamer, big muff, etc. I have never tried it but I like the idea of being able to preset 4 diffenent distoration tones and change between them on the fly. It costs $250 and Guitar Center doesn't carry it in stock so I would have to order it before I can actually try it out. Any opinions or feedback on this pedal would be appreciated.
You'll probably be better off with a Tube Screamer or Big Muff.
Even though it's only one distortion/overdrive sound, it'll be a really good sounding one, compared to 4 crap/okay distortion tones.

You could try find some good deals on cheaper od/distortion pedals, then you could buy multiple ones.
It's distortion, not distoration. I'd go for the Line6 unit, it has some very convincing versions of the pedals it models.
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