what are some good site that let you download music for free?
and dont say limewire or anything because my reason for asking is my dad keeps finding all my file sharing programs and deleting them.

so, i cant download any programs or anything. i just need a site that lets me download the music straight from the site. ive tried torrents and stuff, but it needs to download utorrent and stuff, so that wont work.

any ideas?
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thats true, i hate kids who go "oh noess limewire is soo bad, viruses everywhere crashed my computer, had to buy a new one" well mayb thatll teach u that the a song isnt 112 kb and named cute_teen_has_orgasm_on_webcam_xxx
albumbase give you free albums.

It's all I'll ever need.

Except for the fact they don't have Pagoda's album, and neither does anyone else...
Isn't it illegal to download copywrited music for free?
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The record store.

^+1, my friend.
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Isn't it illegal to download copywrited music for free?

If nobody ever did anything illegal, I wouldn't be born.

'cause it's against the law to have so much awesomeness in one place!
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yea it is...just buy Cd's damn...spend some money

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PM me, if you want a good site, it's mostly metal though.
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Freeindie.com, but thats all indie music, so if your looking to download mainstream songs then you won't find it there.
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use warez its easier
like warez bb
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