OK, I'll admit, I didn't do my research well enough. I picked up a Starcaster starter set, and yes, it's horrible. Mind you, I can't get a feel for just how bad it is given that much of the problem is my inexperience, but it in general feels shoddy. I also have no distortion on my amp, only Overdrive.

Anyways, I'm wondering what you would reccomend. My budget is fairly small, I can probably scrape $100 or so, maybe $200, and for the time being I'm thinking I'll probably just get myself a new, better guitar, and leave the amp as is.

I was going to look on Craig's List, but being a newb, I would have no idea what to watch out for, or if I should avoid it altogether. If that's the case, can you guys reccomend any good guitars in my price range?
get a roland micro cube amp it can make a piece of **** with strings sound good. usually most of the sound is from the amp not the insturment
IF your digging a new guitar, Is it cause you dont like the feel? Because tone is mostly from the amp.

But if a new Axe is what you desire, Just go into second hand shops, and pawn shops..
If you got it from Musician's Friend or Guitar Center, you have 45 or 30 satisfaction guarantee. But for that price, maybe a Dean MLX
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ibanez grg170dx, not the best guitar but still very nice, i really like that guitar, despite the fact that's a gio series one
overdrive is basically you distortion by the way... just stick with that guitar till you can scrape up 300 or so and you can probably find a real fender second hand, or a small used tube amp
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Hey, I know how bad is to be disappointed with something you pay for (specially a musical instrument) and I have only 2 electric guitars (1 of them an Ion guitar from package) and the other one a kramer striker (awsome for the money) yous should check around musicyo.com and maybe try de pacer models, or you can wait to get 25 more bucks and buy a Kramer striker (225 I think) check them out, you will never get a better guitar for the price trust me, I own one. Greetings and let me know when you get the new guitar!!!
Thanks for the replies people

I was reading reviews of the guitar which brought me to these suspicions, as many pointed out several problems, such as poor quality wood, bad pickups, and going out of tune far too easily(Which I HAVE experienced with it).

I'll listen to your advice though, stick with it for a bit.

And no, sadly, I was stupid and got it from Costco. We had a rebate for there, which is why I didn't go to the Guitar Center down the road >.<
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Lol, I know those guitars. I had one of them. They're not really Fenders though, their Squiers with Fender on the headstock.

If you save up for awhile, you can get a Schecter Omen 6 for $300. I don't actually have one, but I messed around with one at GC.
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what a coincidence, my little brother bought a bass guitar for 100 at a pawn shop today, and it is crap. he gets a lot of money for working for people in the yard so in a month he'll have a good bass, and it will be mine. so my suggestion is not to go to a pawn shop. just save up and get a good one.

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u could buy an epiphone sg special or epiphone les paul for around 150 and i have the sg and its pretty tight.
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I guarantee you that it feels shoddy because it needs a setup. I have a Starcaster, and that thing plays absolutely beautifully. Take it to a shop and pay $30-40 for a professional setup. Or learn how to do it yourself like I did.
Ah I have one to.I just bought a new Ibanez Gio though.The Starcastrs real big problem is it goes out of tune as fast as hell.I would play for about 30mins or so,and I'd have it perfectly in tune,and by the end of it,It would be so out of tune.
I feel your pain bro....I bought one of those things too. I suggest replacing the amp first though. Because the guitar isn't THAT bad, if you set it up right but the amp sucks no matter what you do.
I know how you feel. I one day woke up and had the urge to learn guitar. You know how it is, you're bored and you want something to do and so I thought i'd start playing guitar to erase the boredom. I didn't bother doing any research I just picked up an ibanez gax30 because it looked nice, then I bought the cheapest amp i could find on ebay.

Unsurprisingly i was disappointed at how bad it sounded and quickly sold them on and started reading reviews on various sites a long with searching many guitar forums.

In the end I bought a vox AD30VT and replaced it's speaker with a gorgeous new celestion vintage then ordered an Agile AL-3000 (a Les Paul copy), then I bought some good quality cable, and now I'm extremely happy with my gear. I no longer get that annoying buzzing noise coming from the amp when I'm not even touching the strings. I can happily go about learning Metallica songs and getting a very respectable tone.

The difference is night and day and I was lucky I managed to sell my original guitar and amp on ebay and ended up losing only £5. I try to warn everyone that guitar starter packs are nothing but a bad idea, but I understand how easy it is to jump right in without understanding just how vast the quality is between starter packs and equipment you can buy for an extra one or two hundred extra.

If you're on a very low budget then a microcube is a perfect choice of amp, and a Squier 51 isn't half bad.

Also while the amp does account for a large proportion of the tone, the guitar is also important. Like, it's doubtful you'll get any sustain on a starter guitar with cheap wood and bad pickups no matter what amp you use.
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I guarantee you that it feels shoddy because it needs a setup. I have a Starcaster, and that thing plays absolutely beautifully. Take it to a shop and pay $30-40 for a professional setup. Or learn how to do it yourself like I did.

exactly. I have one. I took some time to set it up, corrected the intonation, lowered the action, bought a cheap set of pups, and bought some good strings. It now plays wonderful. It has been my main guitar for about a year and a half and I have even used it live. Sure, it plays like **** out of the box (most squiers and other lower-priced guitars do), but once you get them set-up properly, they will play as good as guitars that cause much more.

As to get a better sound, buy yourself a cheap distortion pedal. They make a world of a difference.
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ok on the discussion on guitars of good and bad I want to know if this one is a good one... I bought it from musicians friend and its a ibanez GRX20 for 149$ is that a good enough guitar and its also my first guitar.